sochin means number 9 in Vietnamese. It also means preserve the peace in Japanese. It’s a form of karate. It’s the number of letters in my first and last name. The Beatles released a song called Revolution No. 9 where the lyrics repeat “Number Nine” over and over again, which inspired Takahiro Miyashata to create a fashion brand named Number (N)ine. When you multiply any number by 9, then add the digits up until it becomes a single digit number, you always get 9. Most importantly, the SEO for this name is pretty good for a short name.

The name is mostly meaningless, so you can fill it with whatever meaning you want. Choose whatever from the above feels best for you. In a way, (here’s the deep part) it’s a lot like life: empty, meaningless, maybe has some of the past slightly attached – but every day is a new day and you will always have an opportunity to write your own meaning.

The pale blue dot, a picture of the Earth from far away. It is just a pixel from this vantage point. Our lives, from this scale, are meaningless.

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